Tuesday 23 August 2016

Awash With Colour

In the first week of our holiday in Norfolk, Bob cut some sheets of wood to fit the sides of the hexagonal Garden Room, and then painted. It seems that people do not refer to them as Summerhouses any more. Well we certainly use ours all year round, and in the Spring and Autumn, there's sometimes a chilly draught, so we thought windbreaks would be a good idea.
He also put some undercoat on the new garage door. [that's 'new' in the sense that it was a gift from a friend whose was getting a new front door and kindly passed on her old one] 
Then Steph came down for the final weekend, and we all got out our brushes. Bob finished off the door

Then Steph got out her acrylics and began painting a triptych on the Garden Room Panels.

I just painted my nails!

Steph's mural will take a few more visits before it is completed, but I think it is going to look splendid.
She has done most of the work on the first panel, a few details yet to be added. 
The row of beach huts will eventually extend all the way round.
What a talented girl!


  1. That's got to be the poshest garage door in the niehbourhood.
    Steph has done a lovely job on the panels. Looking forward to seeing them completed and what a good idea.

  2. The mural is looking good, lovely beach views all round


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