Wednesday 10 August 2016

Wee Woolly Wonders

I have raved before about the brilliant selection of craft books stocked by Dereham Library. It is a holiday treat to browse these - knowing I am unlikely ever to make the items within. What a joy to sit in the garden in the sunshine looking at the lovely handwork of others. "Pompomania" by Christine Leech is the best book I have ever read on the subject of pompoms. To be truthful, it is probably the only book I have read, although I have found articles by Martha Stewart and Kirstie Allsopp in other books in the past.
You can read the author's blog here. Christine is a very craft lady, and has the gift of being able to write good tutorials.
Her book has all sorts of amazing pompom designs - including allsorts!
And the instructions for making spots and stripes are really well written and easy to follow. As well as pompoms, there are macarons and fruit, which look good enough to eat.

You will notice that these pompoms are various shapes too - again, there are clear notes for making them.
I am not sure if I shall find a use for these - I really do not need a whole family of woolly emojis!

But her clever technique of winding in strips and wedges to achieve spots and stripes and smiley faces is brilliant.

The question is, which will be more useful fun - a raincloud mobile, a prickly cactus or a dia de muertos skull??
Oh, and I forgot to mention, she has a guide to quick 'no hassle tassels' too.
This one is definitely a *****


  1. Next years Christmas tree, maybe?

  2. That's a good idea, thanks!

  3. I love the idea of making a pom pom rug for the YFG's room [to cover a stain on the carpet!] but although I have seen one somewhere, I can't find the instructions now and don't know how the pom poms are joined together or whether they are then fixed to some kind of backing fabric. Perhaps I should look out for this book too! Thanks for sharing xx

  4. I get lost in the craft section of my local libraries!So many books, so little time!How's baby doing?

  5. Rosie is fabulous. I will post more pictures soon


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