Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Getting My Ducks In A Row

To 'get your ducks in a row' means to get yourself properly organised. Believe me, I have been trying to do this for years. But I have a couple of projects I would like to get completed within the next few months. The first involves these
This set of Mother Duck and 3 ducklings were made by my father back in 1982 for Liz. They were originally joined, beak-to-tail by secure metal links, and the mum had a string. Liz was able to toddle along, pulling the cheerful little anatine* family behind her.
We are hoping to refurbish these, add new links and have them ready for when Rosie starts walking
[*anatine = of ducks, like canine for dogs and feline for cats]

The second refurbishment will take a lot more work. This is the doll's cot made for me by my Grandfather back in 1959. Dad repainted that for Liz and Steph, and I made new bedlinen in the mid 1980's. When we moved to Leicester in 1995, it was no longer being played with. You can still see the pink raffle tickets stuck to the legs [everything was labelled with tickets when we moved to Kirby, and I had a file listing each box, and item by number] It was stored in the loft over the garage. No idea where the bedding went - but I know the thin wooden base split. It is very wobbly - and needs a new base, and serious re-gluing, as well as a sanding and a coat of fresh paint. I hope Bob will help with that - my task will be to provide new bed linen. Fortunately, it will be a while yet before Rosie needs to put her toys to bed.
I have seen ducks like this on Etsy for about £25, and doll's cots for even more. It will be lovely to see these vintage, well-loved, made-with-love family toys back in use And I shall have such fun creating quilt, blankets and other bedlinen!
My Grandmother taught me this little rhyme about ducklings - but I always thought the mother duck was rather hard on her offspring!
"I won't go in the water, "
the little duckling said
"I'd rather stay at home and play
and look for worms instead"
"That's alright" said his mother
"I know what I shall do
I'll take your little brother
He's not afraid like you
He'll swim in the water
And he'll come when I call"
"Quack Quack" said the duckling
"Please take me after all!"

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  1. I was so delighted when my very old dolls bed came out for my grandaughter to play with!


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