Saturday, 27 August 2016

Sunshine In Swanage

Some more pictures of our fabulous day out - most of these taken by Bob on his new camera [thank you darling!] Here's the view crossing on the ferry from Sandbanks

Traditional Punch and Judy show on the beach [probably not very PC - but plenty of sausages to enjoy]
Also on the seafront, fine murals from Purbeck Arts Week, and a lovely floral display
We walked up along the seafront, and had a pasty and then took the long climb up to Durlston Castle

This amazing place was built by George Burt- intended as a hotel for the Victorians - but sadly they found the steep climb a bit much! It is now surrounded by Durlston Country Park, and amenity run by the council. The Castle itself houses a lovely tearoom and gallery and outside is the Great Globe. This weighs 40 tons, and was made in Greenwich [brought here in 15 pieces and reassembled] The Park makes much of the Victorian history, the flora and fauna- and being part of the Jurassic Coast, you will find the occasional model dinosaur lurking in the shrubbery and standing stones labelled with dates in pre-history

Following a break in the cafe [which we needed after climbing up in all that heat] we went back down into Swanage again. Bob took lots of pictures all along the route of plants, and the sea. Look at that amazing blue sky! That's George Burt in the portrait and statue. Fabulous cake [we shared that ginormous slice]

A lovely day, if somewhat hot!! I would definitely recommend Swanage as a good place for a day out, and this BBC site has so much useful information too


  1. This post took me straight back to childhood holidays. I have a photo somewhere of me stood next to the globe. What a lovely part of the world you live in now Angela!

  2. We feel very blessed. Maybe you and Paul might get down here sometime x


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