Sunday, 28 August 2016

La Rentrée

The French use “la rentrée" to mean the return to work after the slack period of the summer break. 
This is the last weekend of August, and next week many school terms will start again, we are about to begin our Autumn programme in the life of our Church, people will be preparing to go off to College, start new jobs... fresh beginnings, new adventures ahead
One of the standing stones I saw at Durlston Castle seemed a very apposite question for this time of year. It comes from CAD's poem 'Snow' so really relates to the end of the calendar year and the new beginnings of January, but nonetheless struck a chord with me. 
Every day is a precious gift. 
May I use each one wisely and well.

Let us keep running in the race that God has planned for us. 
Let us keep looking to Jesus. 
Our faith comes from Him, and He is the One who makes it perfect


  1. This is the real New Year for me. January is just the middle of the run! Such great words to get us through the next week. When it starts to loom I just want it to be over and done, with everyone back in routine. This time next week..

  2. This is for me! I finished my last radiation treatment, today, just two days short of the one year anniversary of my biopsy and diagnosis.

    1. So thrilled you have got to your final treatment. You remain in my thoughts and prayers. Check out the lovely flowers on this morning's post. Hoping you really feel 'in the pink' soon. Much love x


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