Sunday, 14 August 2016

Reflections On Rio

Team GB is doing well at the Olympics in Rio.
I admire the determination of all those taking part - from whatever nation. And I acknowledge the great sacrifices also made by their families as they support them. This is a full-time commitment, as they seek to win glory not just for themselves, but for their nation.
I have been thinking about the Olympic Motto - Citius - Altius - Fortius...which translates as Faster - Higher - Stronger.
I am no sportswoman [the occasional cycle ride, and once-in-a-lifetime abseil do not count!] but maybe this motto should inspire my commitment
God the Son, may I respond FASTER to your Great Commission, and your unmerited grace and salvation, as I seek to share your good news with all nations
God the Father, may I lift your name HIGHER in my worship and honour you more by the way I live. You are King above all Kings.
God the Holy Spirit, may I be STRONGER through your power, bearing fruit for you, and using the gifts you give to build your Kingdom.
And remind me always that I am not seeking my own glory, but rather that others may see YOU in me, and want to know you for themselves. AMEN


  1. What a wonderful way of translating the Olympic motto into something we can all pursue every day. Thank you.


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