Thursday, 4 August 2016

We Boldly Went... the cinema, to see Star Trek Beyond. THERE ARE NO SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW!!
I felt very pleased with myself, for super thriftiness here. Even with our 'seniors' benefit, the tickets should have cost £15 - but I cashed in £5 of Nectar points for a pair of tickets. 
What did I think of the film?
I enjoyed it far more than I expected to.
Simon Pegg was one of the scriptwriters, as well as playing Scotty. He'd given himself a very good part, and there were some clever lines shared among all the main characters. A number of the jokes were a bit nerdy, and clearly aimed at those who liked the old, clunky TV series from the 60s. That's fine by me - I never did get into the newer series in the same way! [If you don't mind spoilers, check this out about retro references]
Costumes - good. The main crew had outfits which were just like the nasty, sweaty nylon ones sported by Shatner and Nimoy 50 years ago - but the blue [denim?] jackets were good.
I particularly liked Starbase Yorktown - the massive spacestation where the crew stops off for some R&R.  This was like a piece of artwork by M C Escher - stairs and walkways in all directions. It's a spherical base with interconnected rings of cities, each on their own gravitational plane.

The various characters here wore all different outfits, as did the Enterprise crew when 'off-duty' and I thought they were well designed. But then I am a handcraft geek, who pays more attention to the stitching than to the weaponry. 
There's been a lot of fuss about one character coming out as gay. I thought that bit has been over-hyped, and really was quite irrelevant to the plot [it must have lasted all of 20 seconds!]
My biggest gripe [Bob's too] was the chaotic camera shots in the action scenes - a few times someone shouted something incomprehensible, then all hell broke loose - and it wasn't always clear who was running around and causing mayhem. 
The plot itself- usual stuff - good versus evil, but in the end, good triumphs, and Kirk, Spock, Bones and Scotty live to fight another day. 
I give this one a ****

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