Monday, 1 August 2016

My Finnish Summer

Despite reaching the end of June feeling a little disconcerted that I had so many tasks on hand, and having the wonderful, but exhausting week of Kids Club, two trips up to London for WWDP, and some really hot weather when I have felt too knocked out to do anything much, I am really pleased to be able to go on holiday knowing the tasks I had in progress are now complete;

-Those bits of gingham became over 100 bandanas for the staff and children at Kids Club
-The white felt went into lots of little packs for my Christmas doves
-The felt and wool and canvas came together into Trilogy, my TeaCosy Entry for the Norwich Shawl Exhibition
-My red overalls were named for the abseil
-Bert The Bear got his Scout Shirt for Poland
-4 chairs for Liz and Jon gained new covers
-The cushions for a friend's conservatory furniture gained a new lease of life.
I would say that everything is 'done and dusted'
but if you saw my house, you would realise that this massive burst of craftiness has had a very dire effect on my housekeeping [which isn't brilliant to start with]
Perhaps if I had a very large broom and cotton bloomers the cleaning would be done coolly and quickly!!


  1. It always makes me relieved when you say your housekeeping isnt brilliant to start with. I know I'm in good company!!!

    Hope you are well and happy. Enjoy your holiday, you deserve

  2. That would be a sight for sore eyes

  3. I'd say you deserve a holiday after all you've been doing! Enjoy!


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