Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Gospelling Gastropod

We got up early yesterday, in order to prepare the house for departure. Bed stripped and remade, sheets washed, bins emptied, everywhere swept, dusted and vacuumed. This summer there were far fewer flies at Cornerstones - but lots more spiders. Finally juts before 11am the car was loaded and we were ready to go. I left Steph's old teddy sitting in the high chair in the dining room, wearing Rosie's spare bib. He has a very stern expression, ready to repel any unwanted intruders

The journey back was long and tedious, various traffic hold ups meant it was almost 5pm before we pulled onto the drive. I opened the outer door, and stepped over the post and then unlocked the inner one. As I went into the hall, I noticed a silvery trail doodled all over the door mat.

It extended all round the hall, sparkling in the afternoon sunshine. "Help! we have a snail or a slug or something!" I called to Bob. Bob spotted the creature at the bottom of the stairs, and carried him outside [on a council election flyer] for a brief funeral.

Then we spotted he had really travelled - not just all over the carpet - but up the wall. About 5 feet up the wall, to where this year's UCF motto is fixed above the phone.
We were very amused that the trail goes as far as "Go and report"...and then goes down again. Sadly, this missional slug never got very far with his evangelism! Perhaps there is a book opportunity here "Gastropods and the Gospel" [did you know that gastropod means 'stomach-foot' because really, that is all a slug is]

I hope I can do better sharing the Good News [after I have shampooed the carpet!]


  1. We are fighting a constant battle with slugs coming into the sitting room here. Every morning we come down to find another trail across the carpet and it is very disheartening to see. We have tried slug pellets, salt and other things, but the little blighters live to see another day each time. The slug trails disappear with a good brushing, so I am regularly down on my knees getting rid of them! We are mystified as to how they are getting in....and neighbours have them too!

  2. I cannot work it out either. Glad there has only been one (so far) hope yours stop soon x

  3. I can never work out where they enter, unless it is during the day when the door is open. Your intruder could obviously read!

  4. That is hilarious!!! My slugs and snails seem to have left my courgettes alone since I've been away- I am amazed- what have they done!??!


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