Sunday, 7 August 2016

Finding The Hidden Beauty

We enjoyed ourselves and the Sandringham Food and Drink Festival yesterday - the crafts were good, and we particularly liked the chainsaw carving competition. In half an hour, four people turned blocks of wood into beautiful carvings - all with a 'bird' theme.
Two owls, a raptor, and a panel with an owl in a tree, and a hare looking up at it.
Brilliantly executed, in such a short space of time.
Some of the other pieces on display were really beautiful - clearly more time had gone into them, with careful finishing touches and added polish.
Each piece was carved from one single block of wood, using the grain and colourings to add to the final result.
I was reminded of the Michelangelo quotation
The skill is not just in the carving, but in seeing the potential in the raw material, realising how something rough and raw - whether a block of marble or lump of wood - can be turned into a thing of real beauty.

Those of us who enjoy crafts, even if not as accomplished as the chainsaw-wielders, can appreciate the satisfaction of producing something from raw materials - through painting, sewing, cooking...whatever.I know too that usually taking time to perfect the project is better than rushing to finish.

But most of all, I think it is important to realise I am made in the image of a Creator God, who will shape me into the best person I can be- yes it may take time to knock off the rough edges, and polish my character, but by his grace I'll get there in the end, and be a useful and beautiful part of his Kingdom.


  1. I was driving along a country road on Friday night, stunning part of our wee world, and I suddenly felt so excited about what God will be doing. Everywhere. In everyone. Even the little small people like me. Not my usual driving experience at all.

    1. But how lovely for you. Have a good week with your boys!


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