Thursday 18 August 2016

Stitches In Time

We are determined to get the most from our National Trust Membership - so we went back to Oxburgh Hall on Monday afternoon. [fabulous picture from the National Trust]
 I wanted to have another look at the fantastic embroidery done by Mary Queen of Scots, and Bess of Hardwicke, over 400 years ago. Click on the collages for more detail, or check out the NT website here
Such amazingly detailed work - all done without the benefit of electric light, or modern spectacles. And no internet to check on the accuracy of the animals either- just a 'bestiary' Hence the rather odd rhinocerous, the depiction of 'an unicorne' and the quaint 'byrd of America'

I suppose if you are 'under house arrest' and there's no Radio 4, nor a mobile library van parked outside, then sewing is a good alternative [I mean, a Queen doesn't have to worry about washing up, or changing sheets, does she?]
On the subject of stitchery, just to share the exciting news [for those who haven't already heard] that "Trilogy" - my entry for the October Norwich Shawl Exhibition has been accepted. More details to follow - I still cannot believe it!


  1. Must get back to Oxburgh soon - it is the most peaceful place and I love it!


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