Friday 28 June 2019

As Nice As Pie

On Tuesday we had a lazy, rather late start, a couple of things to buy...and then lunch. It was already gone 1.30pm. Where? I asked, and Bob's instant response was "The Pie Shop". He explained he followed this place on Facebook.
This little gem is in Pokesdown, which is snuggled between Boscombe and Southbourne. One of the suburbs of Bournemouth which grew rapidly at the turn of the 20th Century after the arrival of the railway station.
We went inside and ordered lunch - pie chips and gravy. Matt, the proprietor, apologised that there was very little left in his hot cabinet as it was late in the day for lunchtime diners. We didn't mind - I chose a beef pasty and Bob had chicken and chorizo.
The chill cabinets were full of an amazing array of pies - meaty, veggie and vegan.
Here's the hot cabinet shown before lunch!
Whilst Matt prepare our chips, Bob popped across the road to check out the junk shop opposite, whilst I studied the pie shop's photo display.
Matt explained that a local History Group had prepared these panels, and asked is he would be willing to display them in his shop, so the general public could view them. 
They are photos from about 1880-1930, plus advertisements for local businesses. Loads to look at!
The Bolton family were key people in the community - he ran a bakery, and was leader of the council etc - that's his wife top left.
Good food was, and is, an important part of local life.
Here's our food - the pastry was tasty, not too thick, the fillings were generous, and well flavoured. The little jugs poured rich gravy just where we wanted it. The chips were well cooked, hot, not greasy.
Matt came and had a chat to us and answered our questions about his veggie/vegan ranges, and the different flavours in ingredients.
He delivers his pies locally, including to OAPs and Care Homes, and provides pies for events. He makes up hampers and pie-boxes for gifting [the Fathers' Day Hamper sold out very quickly] We were generally very impressed. You can read more here on the Facebook Page.
After I had eaten my food, I did a quick review on the FB page, and said to Bob "This will be going on the blog, it is brilliant".
As we went to pay, Matt opened his chiller cabinet "I'm sorry there was so little choice for your lunch pies. As it is your first time here, and I'd like you to come back again, please choose a pie each to take home". We came away with a chicken&mushroom, and a Moroccan chicken pie. How generous is that! Thanks Matt - and yes, we will definitely be going back!


  1. Yum! Those pies look so good! That was very nice of Matt to give you pies to take home to make up for the lack of choice during lunch!

  2. What a very nice man! And pies too.

  3. What a lovely proprietor, his shop is certainly worth visiting, for both his pies and his excellent customer service.


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