Tuesday, 4 June 2019

I'll Have A P, Please Bob!

I know what this one is - this car park space is for people with disabilities

And this one is for adults with children

But this one?
I looked at it, and I just couldn't work it out. It looked for all the world like "Grandma Angela kneeling on the ground trying to work out how to release Rosie from the car seat"

Then it dawned on me - I was looking at it upside down - in the IKEA carpark,  this is the walkway for people pushing trolleys!


  1. Too funny! I like the "Grandma Angela kneeling on the ground..." explanation! I can see it very clearly, too! :)

  2. Haha, it is funny when you look at something in the wrong way and find meaning in it (albeit in error!)

  3. very funny! The signs in the 'Moto' Motorway services always get me - the ones that direct you to where you need to be as they always use visuals rather than words and by the time I have interpreted the picture on the sign I am often passed where I need to turn into.

  4. The M11 Welcome Break at Stansted has confusing signs - we use it often on Norfolk trips and are frequently aware of other drivers dithering and going the wrong way.


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