Friday, 7 June 2019

Cake Is Coming!

Well done to Mr Boyd Tunnock - about to be Sir Boyd Tunnock in the Queens Birthday Honours. This genial Scottish gentleman, now aged 86, is to receive his knighthood for inventing the Tunnock Teacake.
In these dismal days of visiting Trumps and Conservative infighting, oceans of plastic waste and inadequate cycle paths, a Tunnock's Teacake or Caramel Wafer can certainly spark joy for many people, and distract us from the gloomy headlines. 
You can read all about the wonderful Tunnock's factory here.The website has history, and games to play, and merchandise to buy.

Personally I would choose the caramel wafer [invented in 1952 by Archie Tunnock ] before the teacake [invented 1956 by his son Boyd] 
That is definitely my preferred indulgence, especially if I can find the Dark Chocolate ones. But the teacake has such potential - especially at Christmas, when it can be turned into a reindeer or a Christmas pudding.
In a film of 2001 called Crush [probably best forgotten] Andie McDowell and Imelda Staunton compete to win a Tunnock's tea cake, and more recently, the teacakes were the star turn, dancing at the opening of the Commonwealth Games in 2014.
I hope Sir Boyd enjoys his knighthood, and that his factory goes on producing Scottish Wafers of Mass Distraction for many years to come.
["Cake is Coming!" is a phrase of which Rosie is very fond]


  1. Ah, what lovely cheerful news. Very glad he's been honoured. I do like the Caramel Wafers (didn't know about the dark ones though). I always used to have them at my best friend Lucy's house when I was young.

  2. Ooh, I've heard about these tea cakes (or, should I say, read about them), but haven't had them! They sound like something I would like and should probably avoid! Enjoy one for me, please!


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