Thursday, 27 June 2019

This Craft Rocks! [Almost A Tutorial]

I am getting better at resting in the afternons. Daytime TV is very variable - and I am heartily sick of ads for mobility scooters, equity release, and funeral plans! However I do particularly enjoy Rumpole of the Bailey, How It's Made, and old Agatha Christie stuff. I prefer not to watch the shopping channelsbecause they either send me to sleep, or annoy me [why would anybody spend that much on pointless stuff?]
But if I am having an afternoon resting on the sofa, I like to have a task to hand in case of a burst of energy. "Educational cutting out" is such a  task.  I met a supply teacher once, in my early days, who filled in her timetable with "Afternoon activity - ECO & ECI"  That's "Educational Cutting Out, and Educational Colouring In" If work had not been set for her class, she simply produced some sheets from her bag, and gave them to the children along with crayons and scissors, and that was the afternoon's "teaching" sorted. She maintained that the kids loved it, and no school had ever asked her what ECO&ECI stood for, presuming it to be some new teaching scheme.
My ECO&ECI was Noah, plus animals and a rainbow, and little 'house' shapes. I'd come across a Noah's Ark Craft Idea online recently and it looked so much fun, I wanted to use it in another of our Sunday Morning Storybags
This is another craft based on paper plates. For another plate craft, check out my crowns from last summer.
This time you fold the plate in half. Put the shiny side inside. Crayons and felt pens work much better on the matte underside. 
A semicircular folded plate will balanc eon the table - and rock gently on its curved edge.
Colour in the ark, the 'house', Noah, some animals and a rainbow. Stick everything in place...
You end up with a lovely rocking ark!
I cut out the little houses freehand, but email me if you'd like the animal/rainbow templates to use with your children.
I've realised more of my stuff is getting onto Pinterest - and I've had emails from people in  the UK, USA and South Africa recently, asking for my templates to use in their Holiday Clubs/VBS. How exciting is that?
I have to say a huge thankyou  to the ladies from Ferndown who spent Monday afternoon cutting and counting stuff for our club - less than 5 weeks away now.


  1. When I see your lovely craft ideas I want to be 7 again! Sunday school was never that much fun in the 1960's!

  2. I like Rumpole too - just glad I don't have to live with him like his wife! Also love that little arc - will pass this on to my daughter for my granddaughter who loves crafts.


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