Wednesday, 12 June 2019

More Cake Is Coming!

I do love looking at the skilled work of miniaturists - and have just discovered a new one; Matteo Strucci, a young Italian in his twenties makes delightful compositions using model people and cake! I listened recently on Radio 4 Extra, to a dramatisation of Gulliver's travels and his Lilliputian Adventures. Matteo calls his work "I Dolci di Gulliver" - the desserts of Gulliver. You can read about this here, but I have selected some of his creations [he puts them on Instagram regularly] to whet your appetite.
Kayaking round a creme caramel
Taking a LandRover across a parched landscape
Using a crane to construct a langues-de-chat multi storey carpark
Rowing across the chocolate lake to the landing stage

Cracking hazelnuts for the roof
Dastardly Dean Men's Fingers
Rowing out of the chocolate cave
Chocolate Mines

Undersea Croissant Submarines
Pistachio Harvesting
Apartment Waffle
Tiramisu Quarrying

Assembling a Lemon Layer cake
Practising your swing
Snowy Mountain Activities
Mathematical Croissant Assembly
This last one with the brioche reminds me of the Christmas Song "bumping up and down on a camel". Aren't these clever? Who do you think gets to eat them after the photos have been taken?


  1. They are fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh they are SO SO clever!!! I love them!!!
    Thanks for your comments re THAT class. They've had intervention from a behaviour school, they've got all sorts of Learning Mentor groups...everyone finds them extremely unpredictable and difficult. Even our SENCO spends an afternoon in there and she despairs.

  3. They are brilliant cakes. Bless sent a lovely comment about using my 3kings figurines on a brioche, but somehow I deleted it by mistake (sorry) I may do that next Christmas if I can find/make a little palm tree!


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