Sunday, 2 June 2019

Crafty Crowns For Café Church Children

Today is our monthly re:vive café church. Except Bob and I will not be there to enjoy croissants and toast and good coffee, alongside worship and discussion and stuff. But I usually organise the children's activities so I have left something ready. They are going to make crowns...
Many years ago, when I was at school, a teacher showed me that two strips of paper cut from a sheet of A4 or A3 would join to make a piece long enough to go round the average head.
Useful for making crowns and other head-dresses etc with children.
However, I am avoiding waste, so rather than cut a strip and then cut lots of triangles along the top, I find it easier to cut a wide strip and then zigzag across the middle. I cut mine from A3 coloured card, as you get three well proportioned crowns that way

Cut your strip - 297 x 140, mark the centre line

Make a template 4cm wide and draw zigzags 4cm long

Cut your piece carefully in two.

Trim 'tabs' on one sheet and narrow points at the ends of the other

Overlap by 1cm and join in centre with double sided tape

Put a strip of d/s tape on the other tab

Now let the children decorate their crown and stick the ends together.
When I was doing this on Friday I decided to model the crown - but realised my hair looked terrible. Fortunately I was having a haircut in the afternoon. Here's the before and after

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  1. I'm sure the children will have a lot of fun decorating their crowns! Your haircut looks nice and suits you. :)


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