Wednesday 5 June 2019

Happy Families

Our weekend was utterly wonderful - so much fun had by all. Lovely weather throughout, and good times playing with Rosie, babysitting her with Bob  so the other four could enjoy an evening out in Norwich. Saturday in Hunstanton all day, then the evening do, then 8 of us for Sunday lunch at Cornerstones. I feel so blessed. 
We did the SeaLife Centre with L,J&R in October [pictures here] so I won't bother to show lots of photos of this visit. BUT  I will mention that it is quite a costly day out if you pay full price. Should you plan to visit one of these Centres [there are 8 throughout the UK, including 2 in Norfolk, 1 in Dorset and 1 in Manchester] get yourself some sort of 2-for-1 vouchers first. There are loads of them out there- if you are in Norfolk, you will find them on the back of the carpark tickets at Wells Next The Sea, and other locations, there are often vouchers on Kelloggs cereal packets...

We were amused by the creatures names this time - "Sarcastic Fringehead" is a wonderful insult, isn't it!
Steph and Gaz looked at the penguins for longer than Rosie. She declared they smelt nasty. Yes, they are a but 'whiffy' - but as penguins have no sense of smell, they are not bothered.
There was a big feature on mermaids and pirates this time. With a bit of help from Auntie Steph, Rosie managed to find all the items on the 'treasure hunt' and won her mermaid badge, she took a fancy to the priate gear in the shop, so Auntie Steph treated her to a telescope.
I was incredibly brave and managed to keep a Madagascan Cockroach in my hands for a couple of minutes. He was huge!

We left the SeaLife Centre and strolled along the esplanade.
[Did you know that esplanade simply means a flattened area of ground?Nowadays used for 'the place by the sea where we walk for pleasure', in earlier times, it was 'the area flattened outside a fort, where cannons cpould be lined up to defend the citadel']
As predicted by the meteorologists, the sun came out... This chap was advertising a new bingo hall. I don't imagine many of the toddlers who claimed a free balloon are likely to visit his establishment though! Grandad Bob tied the second balloon to his rucksack [the first one having drifted out of Rosie's hands almost immediately she received it!]
Rosie posed for lots of pictures with her new telescope. If you ever meet my darling granddaughter, please  do not tell her the full story of model animals /PostmanPatVans/ FireEngines which you see along the seafront, or outside supermarkets. She thinks they are merely places to pose for pictures - she does not yet realise that if you put money in they may move or place longer tunes. We would like to keep this fact quiet just a little longer!

We enjoyed a proper fish'n'chip lunch [notice the red balloon behind Bob]
I have no photos of the evening, with Lucy and Josh. 
On Sunday, Bob and I went to church in Foulsham, then came back at 12.30. Marion was out with friends, so Adrian came over and eight of us crowded round the Cornerstones Dining Table for a proper Sunday Lunch. The roast lamb was lovely. Here are our guests. Everyone mucked in to help with food preparation/clear up - which is how it should be in a family, imho.
The only downside to the weekend was being bitten [on the back of my right calf] by something on Saturday evening in the brief time we were outside on The Terrace at Bawburgh . What started as a tiny red mark was the size of a 2p coin at bedtime, and fist sized at breakfast. I changed into loose trousers straight after church- and once all the family had left at 3pm, I checked again, and the redness was tea-plate sized, and spreading, and my leg was very painful and swollen. Off to A&E in Norwich to collect antibiotics. It is healing well now, but I am annoyed that I forgot to put on insect repellant. I did not take pictures! Unfortunately it meant Bob had to do all the 5 hour drive back and I couldn't take my turn at the wheel. 
That aside, the weekend was utterly brilliant. Our next big family event will be the Ruby Wedding Celebrations in August - but there is loads to do here in Dorset before then. I shall keep taking my Vitamin D pills...


  1. My mum had a bite in the same place that turned nasty just as she found out she was expecting me back in the 50's. The doctors never knew if it was that or a dirty needle from a blood test she had just had (no disposable in those days) that gave her blood poisoning in her legs - not easily treatable then and she was in bed months, nearly the whole pregnancy, having injections three times a day. Of course there were no scans either so doctors had no idea what shape I would be in. Luckily the poisoning cleared and mum got up a week or two before giving birth to me. I was very jaundiced but no other problems. Mum and I are extremely lucky to be here - it was touch and go for her - she still has a big lump on her leg where the bite was as a reminder!
    Take care of that bite!

    1. That sounds horrid - so glad that YOU arrived safely! My leg is healing, but I have had to cancel my blood donor appointment because I'm taking the antibiotics.

  2. What a jolly day! I'm amused about Rosie's ignorance about those annoying machines. Long may it continue!
    Glad you got to enjoy all your family together. Sorry about the insect bite. That happens to me when I get bitten by horse flies. Are you allergic to them? Is it all bites that produce that reaction or only certain ones?

    1. I think it is only certain ones- sadly I do not know which until after it happens!

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely time with the family, Angela. Rosie is so cute! Sorry about the bug bite! Glad you had it checked out and got some antibiotics! Hope you are feeling better, now.

    1. Thank you Bless, yes, health is improving

  4. What a lovely family day you all had. So sensible to keep Rosie from too much knowledge!!
    Your bite sounds horrid. Are you sure it wasnt the Madagascan cockroach!? How brave of you to hold it.

  5. The Cockroach got nowhere near my leg. Happy to report that the redness has all gone, and my leg is mostly OK apart from some swelling around the ankle. Grateful for the NHS and antibiotics


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