Sunday, 30 June 2019

Sunday Thoughts...

I really like the writings of Joshua Becker. Of all the minimalists whose work I have read, I find his words so often chime with my own thoughts. 
I like that he's becoming minimalist - he doesn't claim to have got there yet. I'm impressed by his determination to be consistent in his lifestyle. He's pursued this for more than a decade now, and become relatively wealthy - but he and his wife have set up a charity to help orphans, so that others may be blessed.
I am by nature a busy person - but not being busy is not a mark of failure, and being busy is not a badge of honour. It is okay not to be busy...
I recently read this piece by JB, and I have found it quite challenging.
Dallas Willard defined discipleship this way, “trying to live your life the way Jesus would live your life.”  I really like that.  It’s a helpful thought for me.  I don’t have to try and relive Jesus’ life exactly how he lived it – He already lived that life.  Instead, I need to take the life that God has given to me and ask the question, “How would Jesus live it if he were living my life?”  With that in mind, I look around my home and wonder, “Is this what Jesus’s house would look like if he were living my life?  Would his closet look this full?  Would his kitchen have this many gadgets?  Would he have spent as much on home furnishings and decorations as I have?”  Most of the time, I answer in the negative.  It seems to me the minimalist life is more in-tune with the life that Jesus would live. 


  1. Both you and Sue ( have quoted Joshua Becker today. I'm thinking I ought to read him.

    1. I didn't know Sue's blog, but I'm enjoying reading it now. Thanks

  2. I too am a fan of JB and I tell friends that one of the reasons that I strive to move towards my own version of minimalism is so that it makes life easier and less frantic in the long run.
    I work 20 hours a week now after "retirement" and I quite enjoy it - I also note the benefits of making me get up and out of the house most days and into the world instead of sitting in front of the TV.
    While I must do things like cook, clean and do laundry I can do them in an organized manner with less to fuss over if I keep things simple.
    I also now recognize the difference between being busy doing something that I enjoy vs. being busy the way I used to be - the frantic feeling of never catching up - of never doing enough or having enough stuff - that person can now take a deep breath and carry on at her own pace.
    And having FB and RA will also make you more aware of your body's limitations and a less cluttered life has helped me cope with these factors. And yes, it's nice to have a lazy day every now and again to enjoy a walk in the park, catch up with friends through phone calls, and read a good book - all of which I plan to do this holiday Monday!

    1. Enjoy "Canada Day" - books, friends and a walk in the park sounds perfect.

  3. "They also serve who only stand and wait" (John Milton). :)

    I have not read Joshua Becker. I shall look into his writing.


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