Thursday, 6 June 2019

More Happy Families

This was the wedding in Jamaica two months ago, of my niece Lucy, and her husband Josh 

Top picture- all the guests on the beach after the ceremony - Lucy did not have bridesmaids, but the men were asked to wear matching grey waistcoats/trousers.
Steph [bottom right] standing with Marion my SIL - these two were Lucy's only female relatives present.
Above is the new 'Glen Lodge' suite at Bawburgh where we had Saturday night's celebration. On arrival, we stood in front of the 'rose wall' for photographs.
Jon was babysitting Rosie - so Bob took a shot of Liz and Steph together.

Liz said she looked short next to Steph. I have put in the picture of me next to Bob - now that is a significant difference in height! As is often the case at these events, we were too busy eating and chatting to take pictures after we arrived.
I do not understand the rules when it comes to drinking glasses. Those who had champagne were given elegant flutes. If you had elderflower pressé, they fetched  short stubby glasses to pour it into. It cannot be that the rest of my family are tall and elegant and I am short and stubby can it?


  1. That's a good question... not sure why you were given stubbier glasses. Perhaps they hold more so it is deemed better to give greater quantities to the cheaper non-alcoholic drinks? You all look lovely!x

  2. What a pretty dress you are wearing, Ang.

  3. All looking fab!!Loving your dress. I said to my youngest sister 'how come my two sisters are tall, blonde and goodlooking and I'm the wee,fat,ugly one'? She replied 'you're not fat'!!Says it all really.x

  4. our son had a destination wedding, but we couldn't go (ill health) You all looked lovely.

  5. I've not heard the term"Destination Wedding " before. Its a good description. I hope you had an opportunity to celebrate with your son&wife later


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