Saturday, 1 June 2019

Health and Happiness To The Bride And Groom!

This is my niece Lucy and her husband Josh, in Jamaica on their wedding day a couple of months back. Although Steph and Gaz were able to attend the event, and enjoy the wedding cruise, we stayed in Blighty. Today we are all going to be together for their wedding celebration back in Norfolk.
I think this is the first time since Christmas that Bob and I will have been with Liz, Jon, Steph, Gary - and of course Rosie - since Christmas. Being with Adrian, Marion, Lucy and Josh too will be the icing on the [wedding] cake.
At least, I am presuming we will have cake at the buffet...

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  1. Best wishes to your niece and her husband. Hope you enjoy the family gathering and hope there was cake! :D


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