Monday, 7 September 2009

Celebrating With A Blog Giveaway!


This is blog post #599. I am amazed by that. I am even more amazed that [according to Google Analytics] that is just about equal to the number of different readers I have had this past month!

Where do you all come from?

So to celebrate the 600th post, I'm having a Giveaway. The picture above is not the Giveaway [because I have yet to go away and assemble it!] And yes, if you are outside the UK, you can still enter.

I know the blog is quite random and eccentric [like me] and I blog about all the things which are important in my life - faith, family, food, friends, church, crafts, Cornerstones, children's work, etc.To qualify for the draw, please leave a comment on this post before Friday Morning and let me know where you live - and also say which topic in the blog interests you most.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. Hi A
    What I like best is your heart for relationships and the way you talk about caring for people. Sending love from Colorado!

  2. I'm back!!
    Topics...well I just love hearing about Cornerstones, your school work, your that too many?

  3. Book reviews are my favourite, closely followed by the recipes. I love the hymns and the mild eccentricity too. Sadly I can't sew myself and at 60+ feel it's a bit too late to learn but am impressed by what you achieve.


  4. I just like to know what our pastor and his wife are getting up to when they are not caring for us.

  5. Hi Ang,
    Well I think you know that the KMFC news is what I enjoy reading, but generally I enjoy your writing style and the 'randomness' of it all!
    God bless from Ooty, India.

  6. Ooh, count me in. Oh, I've given you an award, but I won't be upset if you don't accept.

  7. Well I still admire the scrabble bag being made and photos taken in the early hours of the morning. Fab ! Sarah x

  8. Well I love the 'homemaking' type items and the mild eccentricity :)And you know where I'm from.... I can't for the life of me remember how I found your blog though. Must have been divine intervention!

  9. I enjoy reading about your travels with Pastor Bob, and I love when you post pictures of packaged food you've just picked up at the store.

    I'm from North Carolina, USA.


  10. I have to say it's crafts. I LOOOOVE crafts :)

    I'm from Texas :D It's starting to get colder thankfully. Don't ever come here! No offense but it's pretty much hot like crazy here.


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