Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Take A Seat!

After I'd posted about fixing the dining chairs for Liz, my friend Debbie asked me if I could sort out the chair from the bedroom in her new flat. It was looking a little battered


I was glad to be able to replace the covering with a sample square of pretty curtain fabric from the stash, and I even had a large square of felt to cover the underside [which I had no other use for due to a large crease mark down the centre]



Unlike the chairpads I did for Liz, which screwed on, this has to drop into the frame. Hope it fits!

DSCF0616 I am quite pleased with the finished result.

After fixing the chair, I went with Bob to our local hospital - and noticed a door open along one corridor- it looked out onto a lovely garden area.

Sadly, the majority of people do not have time to stop and look at these beautiful flowers. Their colours were so intense.




We are very fortunate to live so close to such an excellent hospital, and I am very grateful for all the treatment we have had over the years from the staff.

It is easy to complain about NHS waiting lists and things - and forget that our free healthcare in this country is a real blessing - and not something to be taken for granted. I nearly said that to the man opposite me in the Waiting Room, who grumbled - because his appointment was SIX MINUTES late! But I just smiled sweetly and went back to the magazine I was reading [an ancient "Prima" full of ideas for Christmas 2008]

I had sorted out a bag of 'stuff for charity' on Saturday, so dropped that off in the Hospital Charity Shop on my way past. They were selling this for £2

ikea Vasen vase

"Excuse me" I said, politely as I could - "I notice that vase is £2. Did you know you can buy them brand new for only £1.59 in IKEA?"

"Can you?" said the assistant, smiling back at me "Well, I don't think it really matters - I have sold three for £2 each already!"


  1. What a joy those flower beds must be to anyone staying in, or visiting the hospital.
    Laughed about the Ikea vase!

  2. I love the way that some hospital gardens are so well-cared-for. They lift the spirits of visitors as well as patients. We walked past a hospital with its own BEACH this summer! That would lift the spirits if you were well enough to get onto it...

    We get that IKEA problem all the time in Troc shops here, too. In fact my motto is 'find out how much it would cost in IKEA before going to the Troc shop'. However, this year I have taken up a challenge which means I won't be shopping new at all, so IKEA is out for a year!

  3. The flowerbed IS gorgeous! Angela, about Everwood . . . I can hardly remember anything about that program, but I'll see if I can instant watch it on Netflix and then I'll tell you if my Colorado is that way, okay? I'll get back to you about it.


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