Saturday 26 September 2009

I Believe In Authenticity

Tomorrow is Back2Church Sunday, and after the Baptismal Service we have a Bring'n'Share Lunch. So this morning I went off to the Cash'n'Carry to get some Bits'n'Pieces of This'n'That [Oh dear, where has my usual pedantry about the English Language gone all of a sudden - Down'n'Out, obviously!]

I was slightly taken aback to see one product on sale in the cheese section [memo to self, wrap up well for future Makro Trips, they have built a specially super-cooled area for refrigerated produce now - it was full of customers whose teeth were chattering]

There it was - I had to put it in my trolley and photograph it. [Then replace it on the shelf, before anyone noticed my weird behaviour]


Anyone for some 'mild grated flavour' on their jacket potato? I think not! And this huge bag was only 15p cheaper than the genuine grated cheese beside it. Who buys this stuff, and why?

I am afraid that pseudo-food like this just leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. Unlike our lunch today - which was, of course, pie'n'chips.


  1. There are weird things at the market these days! I must admit to loving cheese a little too much, though. What's pie and chips?

  2. What was in that packet??
    Imagine a baked potato with , er, 'flavour' on it. Too awful to contemplate!
    (or even spud'n'flavour'?)

  3. Sorry PP - Pie'n'chips is a British expression - it is a meat pie with fried potatoes [chunky french fries] - certainly NOT Mom's Apple Pie with Lay's Potato Chips!!

    ED - the pack appeared to contain some sort of processed food made of skimmed milk, vegetable oil, orange colouring and starch. I suspect it would taste like grated soap!

  4. Ooh, fake cheese! Well, okay, there are some cheese products that are sort of fun, like Velveeta. Do y'all have Velveeta over there? My mom used it when I was a wee girls in the '60s and early '70s. Melts like a dream. Probably takes years off your life.

    But fake grated cheese takes things too far, I say. I mean even real prepackaged grated cheese is pushing things (tho I occasionally succumb). But fake? What self-respecting housewife would stoop so low?

    Thanks, as always, for more photos of British foodstuff. So fun!


  5. Eew! Grated soap sounds about right. I can safely say you wouldn't find it in France - it is true that people just won't buy bad food here, so it simply isn't produced. Have a great back to church Sunday!

  6. No, I don't think we have Velveeta here in the UK [it sounds more like a face cream than a cheese]
    My Mum used to buy stuff called Cheese Whiz back in the early 60s[I don't eat cheese, so never tried it] I think that was American too -do they still make it?
    Floss - I think you are right - the Belgians and French are much more particular about good quality ingredients.

  7. Ughhh, fake cheese... how much would you like to bet it tasted like rubber?

    I have a bit of an aversion to rubber cheese - even real cheese - when I was young my friend and I had a contest to see who could bounce their 'babybel' cheese the furthest down the stairs. Seeing how far they can bounce really put my off eating them.


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