Friday, 4 September 2009


Fetch Miss Marple, call out Inspector Barnaby and his colleagues from Midsomer. Down in a quiet little English Village, there are strange, sinister and possibly sanguine stains on the Church floor.

What dastardly deed is this? and who has perpetrated this crime?


It was the Parson's Wife, in the Church office, with the secateurs!

Whilst arranging the flowers for Fran and Nic's wedding, I splashed some of the water. I did mop it up fairly quickly, but it has left strange red stains on the parquet floor.

I suspect that the 'liquid flower food' which came in little sachets with the roses, may be the cause of the stain. I have scrubbed, Susan, our Premises Officer has scrubbed - and two weeks on it has faded a little, but not much.

If anybody out there in Blogland has any suggestions, as to how to shift these marks, I would accept them gratefully.

Today I arranged the flowers for tomorrows wedding out in the vestibule. This meant kneeling on a large plastic tarpaulin on a cold tiled floor. But at least it all cleaned up OK afterwards.


Yes they do look very similar to last time- the bride had chosen the same colour scheme!




Here is a picture of this week's pew ends [looking from the platform to the door]


And below is a picture of the pews last time [looking the other way, from the door towards the platform]



And full marks to the assistant in Sainsburys in the flower section, who was so incredibly helpful this morning.

Hope Matt and Ali's wedding is as happy as Nic and Fran's. I cannot go to see the wedding, tomorrow, as I am busy elsewhere. I was around for tonight's rehearsal, though, and I'm relieved that the bride likes the flowers!

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