Sunday 13 September 2009

Sunday Funday

It has been wonderful! I cannot begin to tell you just how hard our friends worked to make the event go well - it began with Mike and Jon arriving at 9am to help load PA into the cars, and prepare things on site, whilst Simon and co led the morning service at church - then everyone pulled together all day, finishing with a Songs Of Praise Service,  Then it was all packed up, and we were home again by 6pm, gear unloaded, ready to sit down to cold chicken and lovely hot jacket potatoes! [aren't ovens with auto-timers wonderful]

It was windy, so Mick put ballast on the gazebo poles


Bob and Jon worked hard to set up the sound tent - and sort out the problems with the Bouncy Castle by helping them out with a power supply. Everything came together beautifully


Mary and Sue had produced a great display for the Churches Together stand



There was also Fair Trade produce and gifts on sale


Elaine and Dave cooked delicious hotdogs and burgers


Clive had arranged a display of vintage vehicles



Some games are always popular


They estimated between 1500 and 2000 attended over the course of the afternoon. The weather was cool, and mostly a bit cloudy - but it was still a pleasant atmosphere.


There was an amazing display by the Kirby Muxloe history group.

This lady had a photo of her grandmother in a cream lace bridesmaid outfit [skirt and top]. When her mother got married, at the end of the war, she had lined the outfit with pink parachute silk. And then when her daughter married, she made a new bodice from blue silk, and relined the skirt too. Here she is with the pink top and blue wedding outfit - all three weddings happened at local churches.DSCF0480


Now that is creative interpretation of the 're-use, re-cycle' mantra!

Karl, our village bobby had a dog handler friend, plus dog with him



There is a dog behind this grille, honest!


Other representatives were there from the local crime prevention group







The ubiquitous 2b Dance Group performed again


We finished the day with worship - about 70 people involved- that was really encouraging


Though not everyone stood up for the hymns!


Bob led the service and preached, and Tom the Rector led the prayers


Bob interviewed Silesh a Street Pastor, and also Mary [about next week's Christian Aid Tea Party]



Finally he talked with Clive and Jenny, the couple behind the whole FunDay idea. Jenny's son Kris was killed in a motorbike accident five years ago and she has worked tirelessly since to provide facilities for the young people in our village.


The KMFC Worship Team did their stuff as usual!


Sorry, I never took photos of the splendid WI cake stall, Libbi's pretty Phoenix Cards, the Falconry Display or the Baton Twirlers.

And I forgot to take pictures of the far end of the Churches Tent where we were providing crafts for the children and a Hook-A-Duck game.

There was much amusement at the very end - Sue and I took the folding Gopak tables back to the church in Bob's car, whilst the others loaded PA gear into mine. Then I drove back and left them the big Skoda, and drove my little Daewoo home.

The others completely filled the Skoda with equipment and then when he tried to get in to drive home, discovered the seat was in my driving position. No way could he fold his 6'4" frame into my 4'11½" space - but he couldn't push the seat back because the back of the car was packed solid with speakers and stuff. He said everyone was falling about laughing.

Bob phoned me, and so I had to unpack my car quickly, drive back to the Village Hall, push my driving seat back, then bring his car home while he followed in mine. It was like that maths problem about the farmer who has to get the fox, the chicken and the cabbage across the river, but cannot get them all in the boat at once!

Thank you everyone for working so hard. It was really good to see people from the village taking the information about church activities, and lovely to watch the children having fun with our crafts and ducks. Parents seemed especially appreciative of the fact that our stuff was free.

Now I am going to collapse in front of Miss Marple!


  1. Looks like you all had a great day. I love the wedding dress story ~ how wonderful!

    Enjoy Miss Marple

  2. Rest, Angela! Thank you for sharing such a fun, happy and giving day with all of us! (BIG hug!)

  3. What a wonderful day. It's so rewarding when everyone pulls together like that. Clive and Jenny sound amazing, what a positive idea to have.

  4. What a fantastic day you all had. Enjoyed seeing the wedding dress. x


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