Tuesday 22 September 2009

Sign Of The Times!

We had a banner professionally made for Holiday Club


It has been rolled up in the Church Office since August [hence Bob's shoes holding it flat now!] The back was plain white, and it seemed a waste to discard it just because Holiday Club was over. We decided to re-use it for Back2church Sunday this weekend. So I turned it over, and carefully measured and worked out the wording, marked it in pencil and drew up the lettering using a permanent pen. Permanent? Huh! The only surfaces on which this ink appears to stay permanently are my hands!


So then I covered my smudgy blue lettering with black PVC electrical tape.


Which looks OK from a distance - but get closer and you will realise the tape is not sticking down properly - it is peeling up and revealing the blue ink


At this point in the proceedings, Bob came home and found one very disgruntled wife kneeling on the carpet. He suggested spray painting. So we carried it out to the garage and he applied some Chrysler Red Spray Paint which happened to be in the garage [when did we have a red Chrysler?]


Then we went inside and had some lunch.

After which I went back out again. The paint was dry so I peeled off the tape.

This revealed the nasty smudgy blue ink underneath. Fortunately this washed off easily with soapy water, leaving white lettering on a red background.




Then I finished off the sign with a black Sharpie pen [I love Sharpies!] And finally Bob went down to the church and hung it up!



So I hope somebody sees it and comes along! [We have a baptismal service and a bring-and-share lunch]

Whilst I was doing all this crawling around on the carpet, I was watching an old film on TV - "The Inn Of The Sixth Happiness"

I love this film, it is the story of Gladys Aylward, who went to China as a missionary in 1930. The film gives a somewhat over romanticised version of the story - but it's a good biopic nonetheless. My parents originally planned to go to China as missionaries, so I was brought up on this story.  If you have not seen it, or read the book, I'd really recommend it.

The book is 'The Small Woman by Alan Burgess. There's a good synopsis of it here.  This small woman [only my height!] was told she wasn't qualified to go out as a missionary - but she knew God had a purpose for her there.

My Mum actually got to meet Gladys when she visited England about 50 years ago. This film reduces me to tears every time!

I have got to get my hands clean somehow. Bob keeps referring to me as his Small Woad Woman!

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  1. I loved that film. I was at Teacher training college not far from Boreham Wood where the film was made. Some of our 2nd year students were asked to go to the set to look after the children.....sadly I was only a first year.


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