Sunday, 27 September 2009

What A Wonderful Day!

Sometimes you get to the end of a day utterly exhausted- but totally exhilarated because of how great it has been. I was at church for almost twelve hours but it was so good.

This morning I arrived early to start setting up for the lunch


Then the service began at 10.30am. We had lots of visitors, which was really encouraging and there was a great atmosphere. Lots of different people shared in the service in various ways - and the culmination was Janet's baptism [that is her husband David in the water with her and Bob, he's one of our deacons]


It was really moving to hear her speak of her journey of faith

- then she was baptised...


The picture above is a photo of the image on the big screen which is why it isn't so clear - but it shows how people in the congregation can actually see what is going on in the water.

After the service we went down for lunch



I had prepared jacket potatoes to cook during the service, and other people had provided a splendid array of salads and cheeses and quiches- followed by trifles, gateaux and more...

Then after much help with washing up and clearing away, almost everybody went home - and soon after 2pm, the Leicestershire Ladies County Bowling Association arrived. We were hosting their Annual Thanksgiving Service, as this year's President belongs to the Bowling Club in our village.

DSCF0611 By this time the baptistery had been emptied and covered, and the communion table replaced on the platform.

It was duly draped with their colours.

The LCLBA had provided today's floral arrangement too...



I am not sure I have ever seen so many navy blazers in our church all at once! There were nearly 100 ladies [and only about 5 men!]


Only half of them had arrived when I took this shot! Their service went really well [I never knew there was a special prayer written just for Lady Bowlers]

Then they all went down to the Hall for their tea. Then they left and I stayed until people started arriving for the evening service. I found a neglected copy of the Sunday Times on the windowsill, so I filled in the crosswords whilst waiting for 6pm. When Gwen arrived she said "Ken left his paper behind, do you know where it went?" so I had to confess. She said he wouldn't mind as he never did them!

A good crowd came to the evening service - after which we had still more tea and biscuits in the Hall.

Everyone worked so hard today to make all the visitors feel welcome. there was lots of help in the kitchen with serving and clearing the refreshments - and two people volunteered to launder the tablecloths and teatowels.

I pray that some of those who came today will come again.

I am too tired to do anything now except sleep!

[special note to E in India - this post manages to mention both your parents, and include photos of your Gran and also your Mum's left foot!]


  1. Ang, Thanks for the special note, I had to look twice to find Mum's left foot but noticed the others first time! Glad Back 2 Church Sunday went well - congratulations to Janet.

  2. I rejoice with you at the success of your wonderful Back to church day.
    Not surprised you are now exhausted, can you have a catch up quiet day?

  3. I can empathize with you on long but satisfying days at church :) My pastor dh and I are usually the last ones leaving. Hope you are resting up!


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