Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Give Me Oil In My Lamp, Keep Me Burning...

picnic The best laid plans of mice and men etc etc... We intended to have just 36 hours of R&R at Cornerstones over the Bank Holiday. So we drove down after church on Sunday night [I had even made a picnic supper and we sat in a layby munching sarnies and singing along with Sunday Half Hour] and all was well.

Monday morning, Bob leapt out of bed and proceeded to prepare bacon and eggs and mushrooms for breakfast and the sun was shining...

Then we realised... The oil tank in the back garden had a split, and was gently oozing oil down onto the grass [which was turning a fetching shade of brown] Rang my brother, Adrian,source of all information on local businesses and he suggested a couple.  But it was a Bank Holiday - so nobody was at work. Went off to Homebase and bought some putty stuff to block the hole. Felt a bit like that DSCF0427little Dutch Boy in the story 'Hans Brinker' [it is all fiction you know, he never really existed, sadly!] But the oil continued to seep round the edge of the putty and trickle down.

You can see the blob of putty, about halfway up the tank.

We considered our options...

If the men could come on Tuesday, at least one of us would have to stay behind to sort them out. I had one firm commitment [chairing Ladies Meeting] Bob had two [guest speaker at Ladies Meeting, also A Wedding Enquiry] We both had lots of other 'stuff' to do. Conclusion; Bob should return [in the car], and could both chair and speak at the meeting, and I would stay to see TRS to the workmen. I would have to get the National Express Coach back to Leicester on Wednesday. So early Tuesday, Bob phoned Tank Replacement Services, who were very helpful, took the Tank Number and assured us they would be there in the afternoon with a new tank. Bob went off to Leicestershire. I did some housework. Then I did some cross stitch. Then I rang my friend Chris and she came over for a cup of tea and a natter, which was lovely, and broke up the long hours of waiting.

Then I had lunch and did more cross stitch




But the men came at 3.05pm, pumped out the tank, shifted the old one, put in a new one, pumped the oil back into it...and it was all done efficiently and with much good humour in under an hour. I was very impressed with their professional attitude, and helpfulness.

Even more thrilled when I tentatively asked about payment, to be told "You don't pay anything love, its under warranty. We send the details and photos to Titan and they will pay it all. This particular model keeps failing, it is made from a batch of faulty polymer which degrades and splits in sunlight. We've changed loads of these"

Which explains why the guy had taken so many photos [and I'd thought perhaps he was a blogger too!] I told them I would recommend them to my friends. So I hereby do so!

Much relieved [I had imagined all sorts of costs, and at the very least, insurance hassles] I waved them on their way and rang Bob with the good news. He booked my coach ticket for Wednesday, and Chris said she'd take me to the bus stop in town.

Had tea and did more cross-stitch [very grateful I had left a project there so I had something to work on]

Rang Adrian to tell him - and later on he came and collected me so I could spend the evening at their place. Heard all about their fabulous Italian Holiday and watched 'The Choir' on TV with them.

And we ate cake and drank tea. It was altogether delightful!

roti flatbread Meanwhile, Bob had done the Ladies Meeting, and as I guessed he would, took as his theme 'Oil'. He talked of its uses in scripture [food, light, medicine, etc- as well as anointing, and symbolism of the holy Spirit] Except as well as just talking about oil, he also showed them how to make simple middle eastern flatbread [called roti, or lavash] from flour, oil and water - and actually made some for them, at the meeting, on the camping stove! Watch out, Jamie Oliver!

This morning, Chris collected me promptly and took me to the coach stop. And at the other end Bob was waiting at Leicester Bus Station.

national express

People are very kind! So I spent most of today sitting on a coach which was surprisingly tiring - but it is good to be home again.


  1. What a good thing you found such a willing company....and what a blessing that it was under the guarantee!
    What an adventure also, not exactly R and R!

  2. Can we see the cross stitch? xopp


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