Friday, 18 September 2009

The Long And The Short Of It!

DSCF0528 It is so satisfying to do a little bit of sewing and achieve something that is really useful!

Yesterday I was asked if I knew what an overlocker was - and replied yes, I'd got one, why? My friend's son is visiting from New Zealand- purchased a Leicester Tigers Rugby Shirt, had it personalised- and then realised it was way too big! Ben is 6'7" tall - and needed a large size to get the length. - but that ended up being massive round the chest and waist- he has a long, but slim frame. He came round last night and I measured where it needed altering [yes I did have to stand on a stool!] and sewed it this morning. It was a bit of a rush job - he flies back to NZ on Monday! The school sweatshirt is for a friend's very little 4 year old - who is swamped by even the smallest of the school tops. So that had to be taken in and shortened as well. I altered them, and was able to deliver them to school at Morning Break.

DSCF0530 Then post arrived- more goodies from Catriona who is still packing up to move.

I am very impressed by her ruthless determination to clear the clutter before she hits Caledonia. The rusty red fabric underneath was part of the gift too- it is beautiful - but inspiration has yet to strike as to what I shall do with it!


  1. I will be interested to hear what you do with the fabric.... lovely post ! Thank you and have a lovely weekend

  2. What a lovely contrast the two tops make! My boys were also the tiniest at school when they started, but with a bit of rolling up, we made do... Since then, the youngest has just grown 5cm over the summer holidays, so at the age of 10 he is finally making up for lost time! It's making him exhausted though...


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