Thursday 17 September 2009


I mentioned that Liz gave me a small gift on Monday. It was this...


On the can of baking powder is a picture of a can of baking powder, and on that can of baking powder is a picture of a can of baking powder and on that can of baking powder ...

Jon has named it "the Baking Powder of Infinity"

Ooh! a cooking ingredient for maths geeks!

How wonderful is this? almost as wonderful as realising how much your children love you, and that they know such simple things can make their aged parents happy!

[* recursive - of, or relating to a procedure that can repeat itself indefinitely]


  1. funny :-)
    and I learned a new word!

  2. That's a great present, although thinking about the picture might ultimately drive me mad! Thanks very much for your 'circle of paper' activity - I will get him going on it next time there's a quiet moment (not this weekend - his uncle is visiting!).

  3. I remember as a child being fascinated with pictures like that, that just go on forever. Do you think the fact it's Royal will give you a better class of cake?!
    Cal x

  4. How sweet, that is the sort of thing my daughter would appreciate too!

  5. Cal - I thought I'd use it for Queen Cakes and Victoria Sponges!!
    thanks for all the comments


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