Thursday, 10 September 2009

An Unexpected Award

Kreativ Blogger award Dulce Domum, who blogs at Bread And Roses has tagged me for an award.

DD's blog is great -she is a real expert on folklore and customs, and trad country recipes. She makes me laugh. Lots1

To qualify, I have to give seven facts about myself which may be amusing to readers, and tag 7 other bloggers.

Thanks for the award DD - this is a real challenge - especially as you maintain I am a 'respectable member of the community'

Here goes

1- On July 29th 1981 I was on holiday in Paris, and it was incredibly hot. I took of my shoes and cooled my feet in the fountain. A gendarme came and told me off - and I pretended I did not understand French, just so I could soak my toes a little longer.

2- When I began teaching, we had pigeonholes in the Staffroom labelled alphabetically by surname. When I married, I had to keep my original p/h [in the 'H' row] because I was not tall enough to reach the 'A's at the top!

3- I would love to do a stand-up routine at the Edinburgh Fringe. But I have neither the time nor the money.

4- I rarely wear mascara - and never for Church, because some hymns always make me cry.

5- I cannot even think of the film 'O Brother Where Art Thou?' without grinning - and the line "We thought you was a toad" always reduces me to hysterical giggles.

6- However, I do not think George Clooney is sexy [or Daniel Craig either]

7- Despite my love of hymns and singing, my singing and sense of rhythm is so bad that I was not even allowed to attend the audition for the school choir

My seven nominees are

ElizabethD at French Village Life - her blogs are full of joy and sunshine, and she has become a real friend through the internet

Rosy at RosyLips and Lavender - my niece posts fantastic photos of her baking creations.

Cal at Cosy Corner - her cheerful photo collages brighten the day

PomPom at Ponderings - another slightly wacky teacher like myself

Steph at Steph's Salads - a mother likes to know her daughter is OK and eating properly!

Seraphim at Homekeeper at Heart - posting less frequently lately, as she is busy being a newlywed, but good fun nonetheless

Chrissie at CraftyCripple because her knitting skills are just awesome and although my friend only lives a few miles away, we haven't seen each other over the summer.


  1. Thank you, Angela! Yes, us wacky teachers have to stick together! I like your facts about yourself! xopp

  2. Hey, thanks for doing this! I'm pretty impressed that you ignored that gendarme. It's a wonder you didn't find yourself locked up the Bastille.

  3. Aww shucks, thanks for the award :))

  4. Should have warned you that getting me to do these tags is like getting blood out of stone! I find it difficult...but I will promise to try. sometime.

  5. Thanks for tagging me, that's the first time that has happened to me, what do I do now???? By the way I love fact number 2, it made me giggle.

  6. Thanks for the tag Angela. Very funny post. Will have to see O Brother.... I'm with you on the George Clooney/Daniel Craig thing. and my surname changed from a Y to a C when I got married and I would use a box or anything to reach the C if I had to I was a Y at school, this was before we teachers used our noddles and sometimes called the register/favour list backwards or even randomly started in the middle.! I was always bottom/last - hated it! I will never get rid of my C!! x


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