Saturday 12 September 2009

Mmmm! Pie!

homer pie We are very fond of pie [and pi] in this house.

So here is a quick mention for frozen Aldi Puff Pastry. I had not used this before, but it was a good price so I bought a pack and stashed it in the freezer.

aldi Having subsequently got a large chicken on offer in Sainsbury's [a happy British Chicken, approved by Hugh, Jamie et al] I roasted it, we ate some 'as it was' and then I took all the meat off the carcase, made stock, casseroles and pies. Hence the need for puff pastry


I cut some of the trimmings using my IKEA pastry cutters

ikea cutters

I like the fact that they come in their own container, which is marked on the bottom with the shapes so you can check they are all there.

I did two pies - and the pack also yielded enough pastry for 2 Danish pastries [with a couple of dried apricots and an spoonful of leftover custard in the middle] and a handful of 'croutons' for the soup I shall make with the stock.


The pastry cooked well, was suitably light and flaky and had a pleasant flavour. I shall definitely get some more of this. Even the blessed St Delia buys puff pastry as she says it is too much effort to make her own!


I think Aldi has some excellent products. I like their fig chutney, Bob is fond of the cheese straws - and the bakery section generally is very good. But how do you pronounce it? I usually say All-di [as in shawl] but I suspect I should be saying Al-di [as in shall]


  1. I prounounce it All-di as in shawl, but sadly, can't shop there at there are none in Canada. I'm reading about this chain from all corners, UK, Aus, and US...I wish they would open here.

    Your pies looks lovely, adorable cookie cutters.

  2. Tht looks very appetising!
    There are very few Aldi (like 'shall') here, but we do have Lidl which is, I think, a relation?

  3. I went back to Aldi ( like shall! but then I pronounce everything badly!!) last week after a bit of a gap and fell in love with it all over again!Steve & Alex like the "pretend" bountys called Romeo. We all like the low - fat spread, cheese, sausage, deli stuff, yoghurt, the stuff that's like Pimms is yummy & less than half the price. I also like the cook in sauces and their loo roll is nice & soft too!
    Am going to go back to my old ways of doing my shop there first then going on to Sainsbury's for the odd bits I can't get at Aldi - thanks for the pastry trial - will get that this week.

  4. so Shall is beating Shawl then!
    I haven't tried the 'pretend' Bounty bars. The mock 'Pimms' IS good [when they have it]
    And as it is on my route to Sainsbury's I tend to do my shop in two stages as well

    sorry you two abroad can't get to Aldi. BTW the guys who started Lidl and Aldi are brothers.

    thanks for the comments


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