Sunday 6 September 2009

Daughter and Dogs

smartie the dog Liz works as a weekend volunteer at Battersea Dogs' Home. She has just entered 'Waterstones Delight' competition, which requires you to say what it is that delights you. Liz has written about her activities at the home.

You can view her entry here [and vote too]. It is entitled "Dog Hair and Kennel Floors" which doesn't actually sound delightful, but I think it is a great piece if writing, and I am voting for her!

[As her mother, I consider that I am allowed to be totally biased on this issue] The picture is Smartie the dog, by the way. He is cute, but Liz is much better looking.


  1. I voted for Liz, too. What a nice thing to do with her free time.

  2. Great idea and a good place to volunteer!! Bless her! I cast my vote for her as well!


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