Sunday, 13 September 2009

Rule, Britannia!













Greatly enjoyed tonight's "Last Night of The Proms". I thought Alison Balsom and Sarah Connolly were both very good. It must be really hard for the soloist to come up with a fresh idea for a costume and Sarah's Naval Uniform complete with a Union Flag unfurled from her scabbard was excellent. Cannot find any pictures of this on the internet yet.

But why can't people learn the words of the songs they are singing? All these people in 'Land of Hope' trying to exalt instead of extol, as conductor David Robertson pointed out. And as for knowing the words to the second verse of the National Anthem...

Watching the LNOTP is something I have done for as long as I can remember. Even when I was very small, I was allowed to stay up late for it, as Mum and Dad enjoyed it too. And I had a flag to wave!

gareth malone I love community singing. Aha! that's a good excuse for a picture of Gareth Malone [ are you watching 'The Choir'?]

Watching GM coaxing nervous children into song makes me weep!

The weather's been lovely today- so hoping that it is equally good for the Village Fun day tomorrow, and especially that the open air Songs Of Praise at the end works well. More community singing to enjoy!

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  1. Loved the proms last night, especially the trumpet soloist, wasnt she good?
    And we wouldnt miss Gareth. He is the sort of person that sees the good in everyone, never seems discouraged, though maybe that'e jsut the Television view.


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