Saturday, 19 September 2009

Happy Birthday, Chris!

I drove up to Cornerstones after our Tea Party, and went to bed [exhausted] almost straightaway. Up early this morning and re-arranged furniture - all the chairs came into the dining room from garage, bedrooms etc.


I prepared a tray of cups for tea & coffee on the sideboard...


...hung the banner...

DSCF0551 out the little tea-light holder...


...stuck candles in the cake...

[I did not put the full number of candles on, in consideration of global warming.  And no I didn't make it, it came from Tesco]

DSCF0554I prepared cold meats, cheeses, salads, bread rolls, desserts, drinks and glasses, crockery and cutlery.

..and then I sat and waited...

Between 12.35 and 12.45, as invited, eight guests turned up, bearing salads, puddings, flowers, gifts etc [Sorry everyone, I somehow never got any photos of the great food or the charming company. Too busy eating, drinking and talking]

At 12.55, my best friend Chris arrived- expecting a quiet lunch with just me -  instead she was confronted with a surprise birthday buffet!

I think she was somewhat startled [and possibly slightly annoyed with me for keeping it secret!]


After the meal, we had coffee, tea and The Cake, and Chris opened her gifts


Thank you Sarah -you were definitely in the best seat for taking these pictures of the chief guest!




Not sure what Lyn was saying at this point, but Chris looks somewhat bemused.

This is the only photo which proves anyone else was present!


The Actual Birthday is Sunday, but as I had to return to Kirby tonight [Harvest Festival tomorrow] and all the other pastors, deacons and spouses present have a busy Sunday at Dereham, today was the best day to spring the surprise.

Allan and Heather stayed behind with Chris and myself to help clear up [A is a brilliant washer-upper] And by 4.45 everyone had gone, the car was loaded and I drove back to Leicestershire. I had a lovely drive home in the setting sun, and saw one biplane, two parachutists and four hot air balloons en route!

Chris has been my best friend since I was a teenager, and is always thinking of others and generous in giving practical help [like three weeks ago when she took me to catch my coach] She works extremely hard in the Church. I've really valued her love and friendship down the years. We have had some good laughs together- and she's been a listening ear when I have needed one. I am really glad her home is so close to Cornerstones so we can see more of each other again.

Thank you to Alan & Barbara, Lyn & Chris, Allan & Heather, Marion & Sarah for coming to Cornerstones today, and for all your contributions to the Party.

And especially thank you to Chris for your friendship, and for giving us a reason to celebrate - God bless you today and always

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  1. What a lovely occasion, Chris must have had such a surprise!


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