Thursday, 29 August 2013

Going Dutch

I was just about to go out when the postman rang the bell, and delivered a parcel


It was a holiday gift from Liz - Ontbijt Koek and Wasknijpers Hout.


The first is Breakfast Cake [ginger flavoured to be served sliced and buttered] the second is a pack of 48 wooden clothes pegs. Liz and Jon got caught in a downpour on their cycling trip round The Netherlands, and had to buy the pegs to facilitate clothes drying! As they have no use for the pegs back in the London flat, Liz sent them on to me. Now I have this urge to decorate them with paint or tape or something. But I really must ignore that for now and tackle the ironing mountain instead. Thanks Liz – you have brightened my day!

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  1. Possibly no one else in the whole world had a parcel with cake and pegs in today!


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