Thursday, 8 August 2013

Three Minutes On Thursday #2


A piece of fruit is a great way to end a meal. Here are some quick serving ideas for the meal table, or the lunch box.

Get out your pens! [biros work best on bananas, felt-tips on citrus]



Children will enjoy a special midday message, and even an adult will smile when he opens his lunch box to find a pirate with an eye patch winking back at him [unless he works in a very stuffy office!]

It is not wise to write on apples, as people usually eat the peel – but it is wise to rinse them before they go in the fruit bowl. But do spend a couple of minutes polishing them. Their appearance is greatly improved with a bit of ‘buffing up’

These are the apples rinsed and dried


The same apples polished – their colour really shines


And if you are serving grapes, don’t just put them on a plate


People will find it hard to pull off a few to eat without grasping the whole bunch. Instead, get the kitchen scissors and snip them into clusters of  5 or 6 grapes. Then pile the clusters into a pretty bowl.[or arrange them around the cheeseboard, if you are also serving cheese ] That way it is much easier for people to serve themselves.

grape scissors

After all, I do not know anybody who has Victorian Grape Scissors these days- although you can still buy them if you have £23 to spare!

Anybody else got any other fruity ideas?


  1. Love these fruity ideas it would be fun but L won't take fruit in her lunch box. mmmmmm gives me an idea. Do it in the fridge (that's where I keep the fruit)

  2. Where I used to work previously there were lots of us who took bananas to work so we had to put our names or some form of recognition on them so that no one else ate yours!!

  3. I'm off to draw graffiti on our bananas. What a fun idea!
    Lesley x

  4. Freeze grapes before serving..little ice cold delights! Very refreshing on a steamy hot day.
    Jane x

  5. What a great idea. I could do that for Gary, sneak in a message on his packed-lunch fruit! LOL


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