Monday, 26 August 2013

How Do You Make A Roman Blind?

…poke his eyes out! Apologies for old joke there. My friend Angela has made some stunning Roman blinds this summer, and I am very impressed by them.

Since we got Cornerstones 4 years ago, I have not been 100% happy with the bathroom blind. It is a simple roller blind – but horribly faded. However it did the job, and was not high on the list for replacement. This summer all household spending has been directed towards the summerhouse.

Then I thought “The mechanism is fine, I just need to replace the fabric. If I know how much is needed I can perhaps find some in the Stash at home, or in a sale” So Saturday afternoon, I asked Bob to help me measure the blind. As we unrolled it, we discovered it was twice as long as the window, and 50% of the fabric has always been ‘on the roller’ and therefore is not faded.

IMG_0562Here you can see there is a lot of fading.

Bob took the blind down, I cut it, and re-hemmed it on the machine, and now I have an unfaded blind [I still want to change it for a blue one, but that can wait a bit longer]



A significant difference in colour, you will agree!


  1. That is amazing! Good for you! And ... you're forgiven for the joke. Haha!! Over on this side of the pond, it was a l m o s t too early for that!

  2. What about these:
    how do you make a swiss cross? - put an ice cube down his back
    how do you make a swiss roll? - push him down a hill!!
    And I didn't know what a roman blind was until Angela put one up!!! x

    1. And you have to admit, A's Roman Blinds are quite stunning to behold. Thank you [I think] for the jokes!

  3. Perfect Angela! Why do they make blinds so long in the first place?

  4. What a stroke of luck! Always pays to investigate doesn't it?

    x x

  5. Good stuff!

    I have to confess, I laughed at all the jokes.


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