Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Dream Came True …

…Bob had this dream, it involved a summerhouse. A quite specific, hexagonal summerhouse. He drew sketches on envelopes. I looked at prices on the Net and said “No!” Then my brother said that they were selling off the ‘display model’ summerhouses at the timber yard. We went next morning to look [arriving at 7.02am, just after the yard opened]. On the journey I was insistent – it must be hexagonal, and it must be within our pitifully meagre budget. I was quietly confident that these criteria would not be met. I was wrong.

…all through the winter, that dismantled summerhouse has waited in the garage at Cornerstones. We had a trip in mid July to prepare the base, a fortnight later, I made a second trip [alone] to shift almost a tonne of sand to finish off the base – and over 3½ days this week, we have built it!

We have gone from this…


to this…


Enormous thanks to Adrian for his encouragement [post-cataract-op he was not able to do any labouring] and to Christine who helped us put on the roof in the most atrocious rain. Also thanks to our lovely Norfolk Neighbours who allowed us access over the fence, and the loan of a second stepladder.


Yes, it has bunting and interior lighting, and WiFi access and a power socket for my sewing machine and radio! No, Bob has not fitted a sound system.


If you are passing, do drop in and have tea in the summerhouse. Bob and I are planning to spend most of the rest of our holiday resting and reading in there.



  1. What a perfect place for you to sew, read or just relax. How wonderful that you found it!

  2. I never comment, but I just have to say, I love this. Please enjoy a lovely relaxing rest, the best way to spend a holiday. Sue.

  3. Angela,it's beautiful!! You have your very own dreaming spire!
    Jane x

  4. Beautiful! After the greenhouse, a summerhouse is on the list, oh, and a new bench, my current one is gradually rotting!

    Sandie xxx

  5. Oh how lovely, and how lucky you are to have such nice people to help you. I've only got an old shed, which is falling down. I'd love a little covered corner between back of my garage and house, slightly open to the air but enough to keep dry in the rain.


  6. It's wonderful! What a lot of work. Now to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  7. Just what I have been dreaming of, for the corner where the trampoline currently stands - the girls no longer use that, so it feels like it is time for something more grown-up...and that definitely fits the bill - I shall save the link to this post so that I can show the FH what I would like!! Thank you - it looks great and I hope you both get some time to enjoy it after all your work xx

  8. Hope you both enjoy the rest of your holiday and the summerhouse! It looks absolutely brilliant. Well done.


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