Saturday, 10 August 2013

P-p-pick Up A P-p-penguin?

My bottle of detergent had two symbols on it. The first one I understood [and anyway it said KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN]

away from children

The second one left me confused. There were no words beside it. So I asked Bob, and he didn’t know either. [Keep away from Penguins? do not let penguins drink this? this detergent is not for cleaning sea birds damaged by oil spills?]


I had to look it up on the Internet. It means ‘do not freeze’. Well now we know! [But why would anyone keep detergent in the freezer?]


  1. I shall strictly follow this advice!!

  2. And what would happen if you did?!
    Maybe it's so you couldn't sue the manufacturer if the bottle split and then leaked, which makes me wonder if that has already happened, hence the warning!
    Most warnings seem to be for the avoidance of litigation rather than the benefit of the user, as it's usually common sense anyway!

  3. Health and safety, of course! In the same way it probably says ''do not drink!

  4. now going to look at all bottles in the house- very odd!

  5. I think a polar bear would be more apt for the northern hemisphere!
    Jane x

  6. This is both bizarre and funny :)

  7. That's SO funny! I didn't know that either!

  8. that's so crazy. on a bottle of detergent?


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