Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Space Academy Day 2

Late last night, Bob was still working on the “Bob Almond Patented Jelly Trembler” until he got it right. The drama required a large jelly which wobbled to order! I had made a humungous 4.5 pint jelly in a large silicon ring mould [as he’d requested] using 5 packets of jelly to make it a little more dense.


However, there were two problems with this. The first was that once turned out, it proved too heavy for the Jelly Trembler Machine, and the second was that shortly after being turned out onto the plate, it proved too heavy to support itself and collapsed on the plate!

I tipped it all back into my big plastic jug and zapped it for 2 minutes in the microwave, to re-melt it, then poured most of the liquid into a 1litre yogurt pot and 600ml cream pot and let them set.

Here is The Trembler – created from scrap wood, and lengths of curtain track. The top board slides back and forth on the curtain track – and the board is attached with two springs to the bit on the right. If you tug the string on the left, the board moves, then goes back, thus wobbling the jelly.


We tried out kitchen weights to see how much the board would hold


The ‘cream pot’ jelly worked well, at first, then fell over and rolled about alarmingly. It was too tall to be stable. We tried the larger yogurt pot [without unmoulding the jelly] and it was not too heavy. We went to bed around 11.30pm!

Out early this morning, taking angle grinder in case of chains! There were none

Here are some of Monday’s fridge magnets



Scrap CDs, card templates, and some fruity foam stickers from Baker Ross [BR also supplied self adhesive magnet sheet, which I cut into strips for the back] This craft cost less than 10p per child!IMG_0257

Singing was brilliant today – Ian, Bob, Sarah and Rachel in the band



The alien jelly from the yogurt pot acted very well in the drama! There are astronaut signs all over the place


Everything is going really well, for which we are all extremely grateful. But boy am I exhausted!


  1. I want to go to a summer holiday club!! I would like one organised for tired older women! They didn't have them when I went to chapel but I loved FOY!

    1. You could always come up here next summer and enjoy our 'Holiday@Home'!!

  2. So fantastic, you two. Well, well done. Keep going. Tomorrow is hump day xx

  3. It sounds great! I have felt quite sad as we didn't do our children's mission last year OR this year. Mind you, it's a bit of a relief because of how much I STILL have to do, 2 days before the wedding!x


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