Thursday, 1 August 2013

Three Minutes On Thursday #1


The explanation for TMOT is here.

My tips this week are about making drinks more interesting at meal times. When I ask for mineral water in a pub, I am usually offered “Ice and A Slice”

At home, where a glass of water is usually from the tap [‘Council Pop’, as a friend always calls it] it is fun to make it a little more attractive. Here are two quick ideas which are easy to do.


Occasionally I will buy a mixed bag of lemons and limes in the supermarket – especially if they are marked down in price.

when I get home, I cut one or two limes into eighths, and open freeze them , then pop them all into a plastic box in the freezer.

Drop one of these into a glass of water [or a few into the jug in the centre of the table] and you have your ice-and-slice combined!


Another refreshing and less common garnish is a slice of fresh cucumber. Either float it on top of the drink, or hook it on the side. Cut out a slim wedge which goes just past the centre of the slice before sliding it over the rim.

This one works well if you have salad at the meal. Remember, cucumber doesn’t freeze because of its high water content so you may want an ice cube as well, if it is hot!

mint iceThe other night I felt really hot and uncomfortable in bed – and Bob offered to go and fetch me a glass of iced water. He came back with a glass of water, and a sprig of fresh mint he had plucked from the garden tucked between the ice cubes. It looked so cool and attractive, and it made me feel really special.

There’s this Thursday's three three-minute tweaks for you from me!

[Jennifer sent this comment last week, and I am repeating it here because it is also on the drinks theme…My grandmother used to put ice in the glasses and stick the glasses themselves in the freezer for a few minutes before dinner. Combining this with a beverage that was already cold gave the drink an extra chilled effect and increased our enjoyment of the food.Thankyou J!]


  1. The lemons and limes in the freezer is a good tip - I do this so I can have ice without watering the gin down :-)

  2. Lovely drinks! If only it was still hot and sunny here to go with the Mediterranean feel! Rain, rain, rain. Would need to be thinking on presentation of hot chocolate here today! Have to agree on the genius of the lemon/lime ice-cubes though.

  3. Love love love lime water!
    Jane x

  4. Great ideas. Angela S and I might be trying the lime in an alternative beverage.

  5. What a treat from Bob. Thanks for the tips - we tend to drink our water plain and ungarnished. A bit of lemon or lime adds flavour AND elegance. :)

  6. I never thought to put the lemon and limes in the freezer. I love adding them to water though.

  7. I often buy bags of unwaxed lemons for baking, and struggle to use them up. What a great idea! Lesley x


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