Thursday, 22 August 2013

Three Minutes On Thursday #4

I had intended a different theme this week but struggling with photos.  I read an epitaph once which said 'She was a great cook who never served her carrots sliced into coins' I was horrified to think someone would be remembered chiefly for the way she served her boiled carrots! But the way you slice and serve your  veg is worth a minute (or 3) of your time.  Carrots can be coins, batons, dice or chunks (cut on a slant) as can other veg.  
A pat of  butter,  a sprinkle of herbs can look good. 
The Victorians were found of Salmagundies - elaborate salads where all the veg were arranged separately,  looking like a work of art on the platter. 
That's fun, but if you are serving 2 cooked veg,  try putting one small dish in the centre of a larger one.  A dish of peas surrounded by mashed spuds,  or sweetcorn nestling among carrots... these will look like colourful flowers on  the table. 
Find a big rectangular or oval platter and lay out the veg   (cooked or salad) in stripes. Whatever you do, just don't slop things in the dish like Matron serving up the gruel in the workhouse! Sliced or diced, make it nice. 


  1. Is it Thursday? How did the Vics keep the veggies warm whilst artisitfying? So many unexplained mysteries...

    1. I suspect the Victorians only did it with cold salad veg. And yes it is Thursday xx

  2. We eat first with our eyes,so presentation is so important.
    Jane x

  3. I have never heard of them described as coins before but to be honest I have never given it that much thought ! Interesting to think how you are remembered though.


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