Sunday, 25 August 2013

Thank You, Everybody!

First up, thanks to my marvellous brother who donated a spare keyboard last night, so we now have a functioning PC again.

Thankyou to friends at church this morning for such a warm welcome [and the anniversary chocolates]

Thanks to best friend Christine who came over to lunch with Bob and me, bearing a card, and in lieu of flowers, some lovely beans from her garden. And thank you everybody who left such kind comments on this morning’s post.

We did get to enjoy some lovely flowers too – after lunch, we visited the flower festival at North Elmham Parish Church. This is the arrangement entitled “The Lord is My Shepherd”


This is my little arrangement, a rather more modern approach, entitled “I have BEAN greatly blessed!”IMG_0573


  1. Out of the two I think your is definitely tastier Ang!

    x x x

  2. An honest arrangement,filled to the brim with win first prize!


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