Tuesday, 20 August 2013

In the Company Of Others

I  have been enjoying lots of good company  these  past few days, with Steph  and Mark staying for a long weekend.  I have  also been  reading a book of the same title by Jan Karen.  She  wrote  the Mitford novels which I greatly enjoyed. However this one didn't grab me in the same way.
Father Tim Kavanagh is the main character as before - but in this book he leaves Mitford and takes his wife to Ireland for a holiday. I got very irritated by the repeated guides to pronouncing Gaelic names. But that was nothing to my annoyance at references to the 'late' Stirling Moss! The plot felt contrived and I am afraid I can only give this a disappointing **.
Having major computer problems so writing this on Bob's tablet. Painfully Slowly! Do not be surprised if there is a dearth of blogging for a few days


  1. I agree, Angela. That book felt as though it was written without the same love and research of all the previous ones.

  2. You're such an expert on Ireland now, you see! You should be writing this stuff, not reading it!

  3. I agree-I didn't enjoy this one as much as her earlier Mitford books. I hadn't thought about them in a while, I may have to unbox them (if I can figure out which box they're in) and read some of my favorites again!

  4. I really enjoyed the first two or three Mitford books but they began to pall after that. Thanks for the heads up on this one!

    P.S. Think how much slower it would be to write on a STONE tablet! :)

  5. I wish I liked Jan Karon's books better! They're lovely in their way, but the mountain dialect in the Mitford books gets to me after awhile. I LOVE how real people in the the mountains of North Carolina speak, but Karon's mountain people don't sound real at all.

    I do love Father Tim, though, and I would love to go to his church!


  6. The late Stirling Moss? He went too fast to be late for anything!!

    1. He is 83 and still going. He can probably drive this tablet faster than I can too!


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