Monday, 12 August 2013

You Know Those Travel Programmes…

…where the tourists get to their destination and find it is a building site? Well, watch this space for news of our holiday at Cornerstones.

...and dance!

And if there is nothing in this space, then go outside tonight and look for the Perseids Meteor Shower. The wide open Norfolk skies, and lack of light pollution in the village means that if the weather is fine, I shall be in the back garden around 3am. I’ll be wearing my dressing gown, looking up and going “Ooooh!” and “Aaaaah!” like a small child on November 5th.



  1. Hoping to see it here too! Though the skies have been very clody of late. Can't say how cloudy that late though as not often seen! Last time was probably the amazing lightening show at your other house!

  2. We'll miss will be cloudy with showers (boooo).
    Jane x

  3. Have a lovely holiday Angela - love the sign too!


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