Thursday, 15 August 2013

Three Minutes On Thursday #3

3-minutes [3]

We eat loads of soup in this house- soup makes a quick lunch or a speedy supper. It is an economical meal to serve when a lot of people need feeding, a good way of using up leftovers, and often stretched to serve an extra portion or two with a bit of milk, stock or water.

There is usually a 2-portion block of frozen soup in the freezer, waiting to be microwaved on a day when I have run out of time or energy to cook. Accompanied by a sandwich, a pot of yogurt and a piece of fruit, that makes a substantial meal. But it needn’t be boring. Today’s ‘three minute tips’ are easy ways to make it look more special.

Look at these two pictures


The first is just a bowl of soup – the second is the same bowl, with the addition of a teaspoonful of natural yogurt and a couple of snipped chives. I think the second is much more ‘visually appealing’

If you have a crust of bread left at the end of a loaf, cut it into croutons, toss it in a spoonful of oil, and spread it on a baking sheet. When the oven is hot, pop the croutons in to bake for just 10 minutes. SET YOUR KITCHEN TIMER!! [That’s Delia’s Instruction, not mine] Take the golden morsels out, and leave to cool, then store in a screwtop jar in the fridge. They will keep for ages, and just a few will add texture and interest to your soup bowl [ok they take about 12 minutes to prepare – but if you make enough for 4 meals, that averages out to 3 minutes each time!!]



Other ideas for an attractive garnish/accompaniment

a sprig of mint or basil

- a little dish of grated cheese to sprinkle

- instead of a boring bread roll, serve some pita bread cut into triangles [plain or toasted] in a napkin lined basket


- a few breadsticks broken in half, standing in a tumbler

- a spoonful of natural yogurt  or greek yogurt or creme fraiche or real cream  [whatever is in your fridge]

tomsoup basilpitta

Believe me, even Approved Foods 3p-a-sachet-cup-a-soup can seem classy when you serve it in a bowl with a 3 minute tweak!









  1. I'm enjoying these 3 mins Thursdays. Little touches really do make a difference. Thanks

  2. I’m really enjoying this series of Thursday comments. Many are ideas I have known but have forgotten about. I live alone and it is all too easy just to bung the food on a plate. Serving food is a creative opportunity.

    Incidentally I also appreciate the fact that your posts are early morning. Something good to start the day!


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