Monday, 19 August 2013

Relative Relaxation!

We invited Adrian & Marion to join us for a barbecue last night. Mark has shown me all sorts of things which my camera does that I had no idea about. Like the fish eye lens [which makes a wineglass look huge!] and the one-colour device, which picks out your selected colour and leaves the rest black&white.

IMG_0503 IMG_0504

Bob cooked the Perfick Pork sausages and Steph was in charge of drinks. We sat out in the summerhouse till it was really late. Bob is especially pleased with his hurricane lamp [an unexpected bargain from the Break Charity Shop in Norwich!] Yes that is a Workmate being pressed into service as a table for our coffee mugs.


Altogether a delightful evening with almost all the family – but missing Liz and Jon who are somewhere on bicycles in the Netherlands this week.


  1. Your summerhouse looks just perfect and what a grand christening it had.

  2. Oh Wow, that looks divine! Where did you get the lights which are around the inside of your summerhouse?

  3. You must be so thrilled with your lovely Summerhouse. It looks perfect for family gatherings.

  4. It looks so lovely,I really like the hurricane lamp!
    Jane x


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