Thursday, 8 August 2013

Space Academy Day 4

Dress Up Day [and Barbecue Evening] Bob decided to be James T Kirk. I think he looks more like Kurt Wallander!


But he and Spock make a great pair [Spock aka Ian, who is in the Space Band, and wrote one of the songs we are using this week] These two, with weird wig, ears and eyebrows are quite amazing.


Great costumes all round


And wonderful crafts too


And fun games like pass the crown. Bob is clearly only able to wear one thing at a time on his head – spot the wig on the music stand.


My astronaut outfit is a pukka Space Race Cap from the National Space Centre, worn with disposable decorators’ overalls from the Poundshop! I used my embroidery machine to produce a couple of NASA badges which I sewed on.IMG_0295

My costume ripped down the leg at around 11am – but I was wearing my running top and shorts underneath [the woven paper is very thin]

Back shortly to set up for the BBQ – we have just oden the Cash’n’Carry shop for burgers etc. As usual, the staff have made superb displays of the children’s work.


I appealed in church for broken bits of jewellery – and folk were as generous as ever, so this morning the groups loved blinging up their golden crowns [from Hobbycraft Sale]


Must go – there are bread rolls to be sliced…


  1. Sounds like you're having a great time. Those Nasa patches look fantastic.

    Had to laugh at the Bob/Wallander comparison as it is so very apt! And I'm sure he's much nicer than Capt. Kirk (and much less inclined to dally with green-skinned females to whom he is not married). :)

    1. That seems to imply there is a green skinned female to whom he IS married!! But yes, he is infinitely nicer that Capt. Kirk.

  2. It's Life, Ang, but not as we know it!.....or Suits you, Sir! You pair deserve to wear those crowns, you're the King and Queen of Space Academy. Well done to you both. x

  3. Is that how Bob looked in the 1970s ?
    Jane x

  4. Haha, those were GREAT costumes! That made me laugh, I bet you had so much fun!

  5. How do you do those lovely photos like that Ang? Such a lovely way to show several thing but without overloading the post!!!
    xx x

    1. Picasa- a free, downloadable programme. Makes even my rubbish pictures look good!

  6. I am so glad to have spotted you finally! Looking most fine x The crafts were fantastic- well done, but the costumes were totally out of this world!


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